Hia Endeshia


I am not the wittiest individual or the craftiest wordsmith. What I am is a lover of all things creative. I become most inspired by others who are talented and passionate and love what they do. I think I can learn from any and everyone, I’m like a sponge in a sense. There are so many extraordinary people with profound stories and I would like to share as many as I can with you.

I am a girl who’s dreams are bigger than life but I’m not sure how to obtain them.

I am a girl who is a true sucker for words (deep sigh).

I am a girl, uncertain of her future but proud of her past (not all of it but most of it).

I am a girl who is willing to try almost anything.

I am a girl who wants to inspire millions of other girls by never giving up, carrying myself like a lady, owning up to my mistakes, and not letting anyone tell me I can’t do something.

I’m a crafty individual with a lot of creative ideas and I don’t want to leave it bottled up in my brain. I have my own point of view and I would love to share them with all of you. This is my sanctuary. A place where I can express myself how and when I want. Join me on my journey to discovering others as well as discovering myself.

Forever Stripped,

Hia Endeshia


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