D. Wil


25 Years Young.  Queen. Daughter. Writer. Friend. Brooklyn-bred. I would describe myself as an honest, outspoken, funny, adventurous, spontaneous, heart on the sleeve wearing, professional dreamer who was not always comfortable with who I was. It took some time to acquire this confidence that was once the mask for my insecurities and uncertainties, and I am still not 100%. I am a firm believer in being honest with yourself and never allowing someone else’s thoughts about you to alter your spirit. I love to get dressed up. I believe in fairy tales, trusting your instincts, speaking on the phone for hours, loving hard, & forgiveness. I have a potty mouth. I believe in second chances. I make my own rules. I can be silly sometimes and really serious other times. I love to take pictures. I don’t trust people easily. I am a rebel at heart. I am a sucker for flowers and candles. I love sour candy. I’ve learned to see the beauty in all things. I prefer to listen to music rather than watch tv. 90’s R&B, old school reggae and occasional trap music to be more specific. JayZ is my favorite rapper. I listen to Lauryn Hill’s Unplugged at least five times a week in its entirety. I love LOVE. I believe it is the healer of all things. Everyday I am learning more and more about myself. Writing is my getaway, and I am excited to share my thoughts with you humans. So, enjoy the content and tell me what’s on your mind. Happy journeying!


Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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