I’ve always been pretty good at spotting out those who aren’t the best for me, I’ve had a few slip ups. And the few that were able to trespass always had similar behaviors. Jealous, attention seeking, unsupportive, the list can go on and on.  Qualities that I don’t possess, and quite frankly I don’t care to be around people of that caliber. They have motives. I call them life-suckers. These are not just friends, they can be family, co-workers, your man or your girl. I’m not saying that your friends or people in your circle are going to have the same outlook on life as you do, but their goals and ambitions in life are bound to be similar to yours. They should aspire to be great. They should push you to be the best version of you. Since I’ve had those encounters with what I would call life-suckers, it brought me back to something someone once told me, “They don’t even want what you have, they just don’t want you with it.” What a gem.  Made me cherish what I did have a little more, cause even though I didn’t view it as much, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t worth taking. Also caused me to be hesitant to let people in, cause I don’t know what their intentions are.

Moral of the story: Beware of life suckers, those who distract you from your mission, they don’t speak life into you, rather they suck it out of you.



Stripped to the Core,

D.Wil xoxo


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