So, let me just start off by saying how important I think it is to support small businesses. For starters, they are some of the hardest working, most bravest people on the face of the planet. To be able to become transparent with your work, and also the amount of sacrifice that goes into starting your own business, it’s a lot. It’s a lot of risk, it’s a lot of trial and error, it’s a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it. Every single minute of it.  Being a small business owner myself, I understand the struggle as well as the hardships with starting a company straight out of your living room.

Let’s jump right into this BUTTR though. I found out about this dope line because of my high school friend Christian. His beautiful girlfriend Tatiana is the mastermind behind the skinButtr line. If you ever visit her Instagram page, you’d automatically notice how popping her skin ALWAYS looks. And every girl’s sole purpose in life is to have popping skin. Am I right or am I right? I did what any other female would do, I reached out to see how I could get my hands on some skinButtr.

So anyone who knows me, knows that on my best days, I am indecisive as fuck. Lol. So when it came down to choosing which of the three scents I wanted, it was tough. The scents included Gingr Lemon, Strawberry Coconut, & Cocoa Vanilla. Thank God, she offered an option where you could sample them all in a cute 1oz. container. I did what any indecisive person would, and got the sample pack that comes loaded with the body lotion as well as the matching scrubs.

I’ve been using skinBUTTR religiously since the day I received it, in fact it’s time for me to re-up.  I am proud to admit that I am a fan, and so is my boyfriend. Not only does the BUTTR smell amazing, but the way it leaves your skin feeling after each use leaves you speechless.


Here are a couple of fun facts about skinBUTTR:

All of their products are made with at least 25% of Coconut oil.

Their “Cocoa Vanillia” buttr is like an automatic bronzer. It gives you that beach glow with no required sun.

All of the products will have your skin hydrated all day.

All of their products are free of any harmful chemicals and/or preservatives.

We got to speak with Tatiana to ask her a few questions about skinButtr:

Stripped By HD: What inspired the name skinBUTTR?

Tatiana: I actually came up with the name skinBUTTR as a joke whilst testing the products I would say “Ohh my skin is smooth like butter!” When it came time to pick a name, I wanted something that looked and sounded cute and modern. I revisited the butter idea and it instantly stuck. I took away the “E” to make it look cuter and added the “skin” so people would immediately know that they are skin care products.

SBHD: Besides the body butters and scrubs, can we expect anything else?

T: Yes!! I am very excited to release my face line. It will be available by December 1st. Face by skinBUTTR will include makeup removing pads, exfoliators, and masks. I am also developing and testing other body products. My goal is to have an extensive line of everyday beauty products that are all natural and chemical free.

SBHD: What inspired you to come up with a skin care line?

T: I’ve always loved natural beauty products and have made it a point to be conscious of what I put on my skin and into my body. I would make my own Shea butter mixtures, scrubs, etc. for myself and people would always compliment my skin. As a licensed esthetician, I created a measured formula and began testing it out in order to treat common skin issues people may have.

SBHD: Anything you’d like people to know about skinBUTTR?

T: I want people to know that skinBUTTR is an all natural alternative to the chemicals and preservative filled products that are out in the market today, that offers the same, if not better results. These are great products that are made consciously with the consumer in mind. We plan to become a household name and gain the trust of each and every one of our customers. We are so excited to expand and are thankful for everyone’s support.

As I previously mentioned before, support is extremely important,especially when it comes to our own, and also when it comes to smaller businesses. So do yourself and the universe a favor and simply support small businesses. Start with skinBUTTR, it’ll make an awesome gift for you and they are the perfect stocking stuffers!

Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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