Stripped by HD – THE HIATUS

Whoaaaa!!!! We’ve been gone for a minute, but we’re back with the jumpoff!!!!  It has been a while since you’ve felt our presence, but we’re back!!!!! We hope you guys didn’t think that we were gone for good. We have so much to talk about.  And what perfect day to come back than the first day of fall. Just like the seasons bring forth a change of weather, we’ve had a few changes as well, both good and bad, but what else can we expect from life? Staying true to the nature of why we began StrippedByHD, we will be sure to continue to be as open and as honest with you guys as possible.


For me, Hia, I started a new job that I absolutely LOVE!!!!  I’m seeing someone very special to me, but in the midst of it all I’m dealing with a death of a friend. It’s been a whirlwind and I’ve learned so much more about myself and life. I’m so excited to share these experiences in depth.


For me, D. Wil, so much has happened in the past few months. First off, I cut my hair, like shaved the whole back, and a bit of the sides, you can kinda see it a lil in the pic above! I also began writing for a Brooklyn hub, OurBKSocial, I also was pretty busy planning The Queen Series event that was pretty epic, I’ve also been working on a special project with my BFF,(can’t wait to share with you guys) I’ve also been working on a book that I plan on publishing in the near future, it’s a collection of poems that I’ve written over the years that I finally think I’m ready to share with the world. But when I haven’t been doing any of that, I’ve been here mingling, mixing, networking!!!


Once again, we’d like to thank you for your patience while we got our shit together.. Keep checking in with us!! There is so much dope content coming your way!!!!


Forever Stripped,

HD xoxo


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