#StrippedEats: 95 South – QueenSeries Brunch Recap


So by now, it’s probably obvious to you guys that I am a member of a group of elite women called “The Queen Collective”. The Queen Collective is composed of three women all hailing from Brooklyn, New York. We feel that it is part of our responsibility to initiate the conversation about womanhood today, and to speak more in depth of what exactly it means to be a woman in this society. We touch on everything from sexual health, to financial literacy, to relationships, etc. This was our third no fourth event this summer.. Damn! Time really does fly when you’re busy.

So, for this fourth event, we decided to do a brunch. Every event that we’ve had was unique in it’s own right. The first was a healing sister circle, the second was an open mic picnic, and the third was the big sha-bang The Queen Series. We wanted to have a relaxing setting, so what better way to achieve that other than with food, drinks and great conversation.

Brunch was at this Southern comfort restaurant called 95 South, located on 778 Franklin Avenue in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn. Two words to describe the food, FUCKING AMAZING. No bullshit. And the price was unbeatable, $25 for all you can eat, inclusive of bottomless mimosas for 5 hours. That has to be the best brunch deal in Brooklyn, hands down. Shoutout to Nikki, one of the owners of the restaurant who was an amazing hostess.

Thank you to the ladies and fellas who joined us for this brunch, the conversation and overall bonding was so necessary. Check out the pics below, and be sure to support your local business! And if you couldn’t tell, I will definitely be returning!






Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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