#StrippedEATS – StreetsBK


When Chef Roble, or Chef Bleezy as he likes to refer to himself  decided to open a restaurant in Brooklyn, there was no way in hell that I was not going to visit and test it out. Now I’m a foodie and I’m always open to trying new things at least once. It was actually my sister’s birthday and she appreciates authentic food and she’s always open to trying new things, so StreetsBK it was.

The restaurant is located in Williamsburg on 53 Broadway, you can’t miss it as they have the sign/awning outside. When we arrived at the door, we were greeted warmly by the hostess who showed us to our seat. I’ve been to plenty of restaurants, but the décor of StreetsBK was breathtaking. It definitely had an island feel to it. There was even a mural on the wall representing the different attractions from around the world.



Within minutes, our “ambassador” of the day as he called himself, Lamar, made his way to take our order. He told us that for the duration of our stay at StreetsBK, we’ll be taking a trip, and he’s our tour guide. He also informed us that StreetsBK represents over 18 different countries. I ordered doubles, and my sister ended up getting a bake and shark. As for drinks, I got the “PainKiller” and she got an “Apricot Shandy”. “Painkiller”  I was told by Lamar, is one of their most popular drinks and after taking a sip, I could see why, it had rum, sorrel, and a hint of coconut I believe, then it was topped with nutmeg.. Sooo good!!




I will definitely be returning back here, no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it!! Oh and did I mention that they have wifi, and also have drink specials throughout the week!!


Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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