Spontaneous 5K Run With Kevin Hart In Prospect Park

When Kevin Hart tells you to meet him in Prospect Park at 9:34 am for a spontaneous 5K run, you think like Nike, and “Just Do It“, literally. Kevin brought out his beautiful fiancé, Eniko and his children, Heaven and Hendrix to join him for the race. I attended the race and it was just amazing. Hot as hell, but it was amazing. Now, am I a runner? No. But would I do it again? Most definitely. I got the same response from almost everyone once they finished the race.


Upon arrival, you had to check in, and once you did that you received a wristband and your “Run With Hart” dry fit tee shirt. Then it was time to “On your mark, get set, GO!” What I loved most about the race was the support you received from the other runners and the spectators. There were “Pacers” with you each step of the race as well. Pacers run along side you during the race to help you keep a steady pace so that you can achieve your goal of actually finishing the race.

When the race was over, and we reached the finish line, everyone felt a sense of relief. We did it! The whole 5K, we did it! On the lawn, there was a music set by DJ Kitty Cash where she was playing the tunes. They were handing out popsicles, water, beverages from Juice Press, bagels and bananas. Then we gathered for one big selfie with Kevin Hart. He let us know that he was happy to be in BROOKLYN, and that he finished the 5K in 23 minutes. Not bad, Kevin. Not bad!




Now even though it was Kevin who brought us out for the spontaneous race, it was his beautiful daughter Heaven who stole the show at the end. They even throned her “Head Coach” for all of her great efforts. All in all, the spontaneous 5K run was spectacular, exhilarating, and most of all fun!



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