Impromptu Midnight Rooftop Yoga With BeadsByAree’s Areeayl


Yoga and I have a love/hate relationship. One minute I want to be a Yogi Princess, next minute I’m like I can’t even hold a pose for 2 whole minutes without wanting to crouch down and run back to the comfort of child pose. But I can’t deny the amazing feeling after it’s all done, even with sore muscles, it’s something about completing your yoga session that makes you realize it was all worth it.

With that said, last week as I was sitting in my living room with my fellow Sister Queens, my friend Jessica scrolled through her Instagram, and noticed that there was an impromptu yoga session happening on a rooftop at midnight. It was being hosted by Beads By Aree’s founder Areeayl. You would seriously have to be living underneath a rock to not know what Beads By Aree is. It is only, one of the dopest accessory lines that there are to ever be created.


Our initial reaction was WTF, we gotta go!!  We looked at each other, looked at the time, looked at each other, and said “Fuck it!” It was already 11:36, so we had about 20 minutes to get there. So I quickly changed into some comfortable shorts, we hopped in the car and we were out.

The whole car ride there was filled with excitement. We had never done anything like this before, and we were amazed at our spontaneity especially after a full day of preparing for our event that we had the following day. It was 12:11 and we arrived at Ms. Areeayl’s place, and were greeted warmly with hugs, it was as if we had met before and were getting reacquainted. As we made our way up to the roof, we introduced ourselves to the other attendees, everyone was so nice.



Our yoga session lasted about an hour and a half. We sat in a circle on the roof and listened to Areeayl’s soothing voice as she led us through each pose. We became one with the sky, stars, and wind that night. I loved how unapologetically themselves everybody was. I didn’t feel out of place at all and I couldn’t help but think that that’s the power of yoga.


Areeayl, I just want to say thank you for extending the invitation. I did not know how much I needed to be there until after it was over. Thank you for allowing my friends and I into your space. If you’d allow it, I would definitely return again. Thank you for using your gift. Thank you for being a proud Yogi. Until next time!



Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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