What To Expect When Dating A Girl Who Has Daddy Issues

“Daddy issues” are a little more common than we thought. We all know someone who has them. What exactly are daddy issues? “DI” (Daddy Issues) are the result of a girl’s relationship with her dad. They normally arise when a girl doesn’t have the best relationship with her father/father figure, which in turn causes that girl to look for what she think she missed out on in a mate. And don’t think that you’re excused if you were fortunate enough to have your daddy in the same home as you….  because it’s very possible for you to be as fucked up or worse.. even more fucked up than those who weren’t fortunate to be under the same roof with their father.

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Now in 2015, dating in general is a complicated task in itself, which is probably why people “decide” to stay single.  They’re probably thinking about whether it’s something they should be doing in the first place. Life would be easier if EVERYTHING came with a manual, a how-to, you know a step-by-step hold your hand type of thing.

Don’t you fear, because D. Wil is here. LOL. I felt sorry for my bf, he had no idea what was in store for him. So to help you guys out there, I made a list of things my bf says he wished someone would’ve told him.

Be gentle with her, with your words, your actions, your everything.

 She’s fragile, but don’t mistake her fragility for overall weakness though.

She’s going to be a little more sensitive to things that you don’t think are a big deal, ex. you being late to anything, ignoring her, not making enough time, not fulfilling promises.

She’s going to be needy, wanting your attention, if not all of it.

She has high expectations of you, and although that is not your fault, it’s one of the many things to expect when dealing with that kind of girl.

She is going to close up when things get too tough, but she wants to know that you’re strong enough and brave enough to figure out what’s wrong.

I saved the most important factor for last (as far as I’m concerned at least) TRUST! She has MAJOR trust issues. So, do yourself a favor, don’t lie to her. Trust is the hardest thing in the world to gain & the easiest thing to lose.

REMEMBER. A girl who has daddy issues, has had her father not be there for her when she needed him most, she’s used to constant disappointment. So anyone that she’s dealing with that slightly reminds her of this is in danger.

Hope this helped!!!



Forever Stripped,

D.Wil xoxo


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