Letter From The Editors

Is it June already? Geesh … time is flying. We are officially 6 months in! With that said, we thank each and every person who reads, shares, likes and comments here on our site. You are all amazing!

At the beginning of the year we tried to encourage people to press that reboot button. Let all negativity go and embrace your dreams and goals. Now that so much time has passed and life in 2015 has settled in it may seem like old habits are slowly but surely reoccurring. WELL DON’T LET IT.

We all get comfortable and it may sometimes be hard to remain consistent. I know I’ve fallen off from certain things but we are all human and it’s never too late to get back on track. Everyday is a new day so take advantage.

We are half way through the year, a new season is approaching. Do something new, try something new, be a new YOU! Growth is key.

Last month we concluded Spring with fashion as our focus. We squeezed in a few of our own OOTDs as well as a few Street Style posts.

We attended Urban Bush Babes panel discussion with Sunglass Hut. If you missed the event be sure to read our recap of how the Evening With TK & Cipriana went and check out a few of the fashionistas we snagged pictures of  (thanks to everyone who let us capture them.

D.Wil opened up in her most intimate post to date. Hia found a new beauty regimen with Skin Food that she’s totally obsessing over! We also brunched at a new hot spot, but there’s a catch, it’s for Members Only. And you can also look forward to a Women’s Empowerment event in August entitled the Queen Series coordinated by D.Wil and her friends.

With summer basically around the corner, look forward for more exciting interviews, deeper posts, more cool images and some restaurant reviews!!!!


Forever Stripped,


Be sure to follow us on IG: @strippedbyhd


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