With a name like Members Only, you automatically think exclusivity and you need to know how you can get in. This brunch series was started by four young men, Waun, Ryan, Malik & Naj, (two from Brooklyn, and two from Queens) who wanted to have a different take on the way we brunch. So yesterday, my friends and I decided to support and see what it was all about.



Speaking briefly with one of the founders of Members Only Brunch, Waun, he stated that the location was actually a family owned business that they’ve had for 40 years. You had the option of sitting and dining, just drinking, or both! Dessert was also provided by MikeyLikesIt.




These four young men incorporate family, business savvy, and entertainment by fusing amazing food and a great ambiance. The menu was pretty clever as well, while ordering, you’re sure to smirk!





I left feeling full and inspired, it was great seeing fellow young black entrepreneurs doing their thing! I will definitely be returning! Until next time, #MembersOnlyBrunch. To make sure you don’t miss the next one, be sure to follow them on IG here.


Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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