An Evening With TK & CIPRIANA

Recently Hia & I attended a style panel for Sunglass Hut’s “Magic Hour” featuring TK & CIPRIANA of Urban Bush Babes. It took place at Sunglass Hut’s flagship location, it was a free event, so that meant only one thing, SHOW UP ON TIME. (lol) The event started at 7, and we got there at like 6:17, no lie, making us the first to arrive to check off our names on the RSVP list. When the time came we entered an elevator taking us to an upper level, they only allowed 6 at a time. The elevator doors opened and wallah, let the party begin. It didn’t take too long to spot the ladies of the night, not as if they could hide with their huge crowns atop their head. Aside from their signature do, they stunned with their statuesque posture while both draped in denim.



We quickly grabbed seats and within a short time of us being there, CIPRIANA & TK walked over, introduced themselves and thanked us for coming. I’m like, (in my head of course) THANK YOU for the invite! lol. We mixed and mingled a bit, saw a few familiar faces, and munched on the snacks and cocktails offered. Below you’ll see a pic of the girls with fellow fashion blogger Suliann of ServingStyleNYC looking like their long-lost triplet.




At about 8:15 they began the panel discussion which was moderated by Chrissy Rutherford, Harper’s Bazaar’s Senior Digital Editor. During their discussion, I learned a few things about the girls. They both love what they do and love the fact that they get to work with one another. Every opportunity they got, they managed to thank their mother for the way that she raised them, they owe it all to her for the women that they have become. Even crediting her for the start of their love for fashion, flashing back to their mom dressing them alike, picking their clothes out the night before and letting them watch the process.


When asked how they would describe their style, CIPRIANA responded first by saying, even though she loves the 70’s & 80’s style, she’s a huge fan of fashion overall, and remains open minded, and inspired by different styles and people. TK says it’s hard to define style being that she’s a huge tomboy. She loves mixing masculine & feminine. She would best describe her style as “Goth meets peacock” (lol). Her advice is to wear what makes you happy and wear it with confidence. Both ladies agreed that you shouldn’t pay attention to trends. Fashion is great but remember your identity and reflect that in the way you dress. Comfort is extremely important to them as well, and tailoring!

“My job is my life. I love work so much, it reflects all aspects of life. I love highlighting women doing amazing things. And being able to display women of color in a different aspect, in a positive light. I am able to be apart of the change of how mass media has decided to stereotype women of color. I am also the biggest groupie for my sister.” – CIPRIANA

“We actually didn’t have a plan, this happened organically. I love being able to work with my best friend.” – TK

Before departing, CIPRIANA shared this bit of advice that can resonate with anyone no matter your field of work. “I believed in what I was doing. I never wanted to give up. When you’re doing something that you love. It never feels like work. You have to put the work in. Have a great environment. Keep supportive & positive people in your circle. That’s why we were ready for traction when it came. We were prepared because we put the work in. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP!!!”


Thank you TK & CIPRIANA, you two are prime examples of the women I would want my future daughter to aspire to become. I felt honored to be in the room with you, real examples of role models who have morals and awareness of self.


Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo



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