Mama, I’m a WOMENEUR

I’ve been looking for a chic title/word to add to my vocabulary that describes me. And then my friend texts me about this “WOMENEUR” event happening, and suddenly a lightbulb went off. That’s exactly what I am, a WOMENEUR. I had actually heard of the event hours before it started and raced to the site to RSVP and boy am I happy that I did.  About a week ago (no schmurda dance needed,lol), I had the privilege of being in a room filled with so many beautiful women who all had a few things in common. They were creators. They were innovators. They were entrepreneurs. The event was held at Dumbo Loft, so you know the space was beautiful. Upon entering, I was greeted with warm and welcoming smiles from the attendees as well as vendors. The  aura was beautiful and the energy amazing. And the music, LAWD! DJ TIFF MCFIERCE was killing it, playing tunes that I hadn’t heard in some time. IMG_1497

So what exactly is a WOMENEUR? Hearing the word, you can probably guess that simple enough it’s a woman who is an entrepreneur. And while you may be right to a certain degree, founder Sharon Beason’s vision for WOMENEUR delves in a little bit deeper to better explain. The purpose of WOMENEUR is to celebrate,connect, enlighten and empower female business owners, entrepreneurs and progressive women with a goal to help them lead extraordinary professional and personal lives. Like WHATTT? Thank you Sharon (photographed below) for creating such a platform. You opened up an opportunity for women to network on every level. A sisterhood has been created that will last because the foundation that WOMENEUR was created upon was one filled with passion.


Although I thoroughly enjoyed every vendor, there were a few that stood out to me. Being a WOMENEUR myself I understand the importance of supporting another brand especially if their mission resonates with you as an individual.

TEAFEY won me over because I am an avid tea drinker. Walda was such a darling, she definitely knows her stuff. I opted for the “Fresh” tea, that consisted of (spearmint, hibiscus, green, ) She has a shop right here in Brooklyn that also offers a tea making class, follow her on IG to keep updated.


LOVELY EARTHLINGS might have been my favorite vendor of the evening. (shoutout to Karina) Funny thing is before Hia & I launched StrippedByHD, we were looking for dope artists to make caricatures out of us and we came across this young woman’s work constantly being reblogged but without tagging the artist. So you can only imagine my excitement when I found her vendor table. I want her pieces all over my house. Like ALL OVER, I’m absolutely obsessed. Because I couldn’t quite make my mind up right away, I got a tote bag  which is perfect for everyday. She’s on IG too.


I sipped wine with the ladies of BROOKLYN OENOLOGY.  It was so good. I even found out that the artwork on the labels of the bottles are from actual artists who submit their work and get chosen. There’s so many cool things going on at their Brooklyn location, like film nights, wine tastings, wine making.  Be sure to check them out here.


Oh & I also got a black lipstick that I’ve been searching high, low, near, & far for. I got it from ANGEL CHERRY. She had so many cute colors to choose from. So happy I got a chance to meet the woman behind the brand. She’s such a humble and sweet spirited person with her big and beautiful fro. Check her out below (swatches on her hand and all) Shop ANGEL CHERRY here




All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I’m so happy that I found out about the event and was able to come and experience the greatness that it turned out to be firsthand. To keep updated with the WOMENEUR movement, be sure to follow them on Instagram and check out their site.


Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on IG: @strippedbyhd


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