My First Quarter Century Is Complete

This post is so long overdue, but you know what they say “better late than never” and I concur. Last month I celebrated the end of my first quarter century on the beautiful island of the Dominican Republic. It was absolutely amazeballs! I would recommend this place to any and everyone.

The best part of my trip were all the excursions I tried. First up was zip lining (yikes). I’m not afraid of heights but something about hanging from a cable doesn’t sit right with me, but I tried it anyway and I’m so glad I did.

FullSizeRender IMG_1981

Vroom Vroom!!! Next up is the four wheeler excursion. This was definitely pretty cool. This was a calm rush. Not one of those am I going to die? thrills but one of those OMG let’s go faster thrills.

IMG_2332 Last but not least I got to kiss a dolphin. I am seriously obsessed with water animals. This was the best gift I’ve could’ve given to myself and I’m so glad I did.


All in all I had an amazing experience in DR. The people are as beautiful as the island and I look forward to one day going back.



Forever Stripped,

Hia Endeshia

IG: @thatgirlhia


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