Got Pole?

Let’s Strip ladies! D and I took a dive into the wild side. We enlisted in a trial pole dancing class … YIKES! It was a first for the both of us but we fell in love. Now ladies, I have to start by saying pole dancing is not a walk in the park. It takes a lot of strength. The class started off with warming up the muscles … burn baby burn. Trust me when I say it’ll burn, but believe me it’ll all be worth it.

D and I signed up for the pole dancing trial with Gayana Sarkisants at “Got Pole?” I am so glad that our first try was here. Gayana is an amazing instructor! She knows what she’s doing and she broke down everything very thoroughly.

IMG_8859 IMG_8860


There were approximately 13 girls in attendance. I think the most amazing thing about the class is that it was girls of all shapes and sizes. So no matter your physique it is worth trying. Pole dancing is more than being sexy on a pole. It is hard work and dedication. Remember what I said about the burning … well that’s only half your worries. I think everyone was initially a little shy but once we realized that we were all just trying something new and no one but the instructor was an expert everyone eventually let their guard down and really began to excel.

I personally think pole dancing can have a lot of benefiting factors:

  1. For starters it’s a workout. If going to a regular gym isn’t motivating or just not your thing this is a great alternative. You have to develop a strong core, as well as upper and lower body strength.
  2. Secondly, it’s a self esteem booster. Knowing that you can do something that most can’t and just simply being fit can boost your confidence.
  3. Last but not least, pole dancing helps you get in tune with your feminine side. Not all women are connected to their bodies in that sense but it can be a powerful thing. It’ll make you feel sexy and desirable and what lady doesn’t want that?

If you are thinking about taking a pole dancing class go do it. I promise you’ll fall in love. Even if you’re nervous, even if you go alone, just do it. It’s 2015, the year to take chances!


Forever Stripped,

Hia Endeshia

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