My Worst Online Shopping Experience – @ShopNeonB Review

This is more of a complaint than a review simply because I never received my items but I’ll get to that shortly.

So about a month ago as I was planning for my birthday trip to the Dominican Republic, I realized that the one thing I didn’t have much of were bathing suits. On the hunt to find a few cute bathing suits I came  across the Instagram page @ShopNeonB. I was in awe at the cute, fun, flirty bikinis which I deemed perfect for any vacay. I immediately went to the site and roamed through their options. I opted for three.




I placed my order on March 13, 2015 and they had a free shipping promotion going on for standard shipping it was between 5-15 business days (I would double check their instagram but they blocked me, will get to more on that later). My trip was on the 27th so I figured I would get it in the nick of time. After being a little cautious about receiving my items on time, I didn’t want to take the risk so I emailed @Shopneonb to ask if it was too late to do express shipping. They sent me over an invoice right away and I was assured that I would  receive my items in a few days. That never happened. When I requested a tracking number they sent me one that didn’t work. I sent numerous emails and also contacted them via their Instagram. After addressing my concerns I was  blocked from their page. I then received an email with another tracking number which again, was not mine. After calling the shipping company to see if my order was even in transit they informed me that they had no record of anything being shipped to my name or address provided.

Below is their response to me, a customer, after sharing my concern in their IG comments.


With a few days until my trip I had to scramble to buy bathing suits which is very hard to find during the Spring season in NY because they are practically sold out  EVERYWHERE (this is not an exaggeration). I was able to gather some very last minute mix matched bikini tops and bottoms but this experience with was exhausting.

Literally as I am writing this post (April 8, 2015, 11:30am) I received a package at my work place from ShopNeonB with only two of the three bathing suits I ordered. please keep in mind that I order my items on March 13, 2015 and paid for 2-3 day expedited shipping.

IMG_2747 IMG_2748

I have yet to receive my $27 refund for expedited shipping and I am still missing a bathing suit which I actually no longer want. This is by far the most awful online shopping experience I’ve ever had. Their customer service sucks and I feel sorry for every person who has gone through this with them because I am sure I am not the only one.

This was an unfortunate shopping experience for me but it doesn’t have to be for you. After going through what I went through I realized some shady factors about this site that I would like to share so that you can be a little more cautious about where you are spending your money.

  1. There is no address on their website … AT ALL.
  2. There is no contact number. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER AT ALL.
  3. There are no customers hash tagging their pieces on IG. There was one girl who had a hashtag so I contacted her. Come to find out she never received her items from them, had to file a complaint and eventually received a refund.
  4. There are no Youtube reviews or any reviews anywhere about their pieces.

These are just a few things I’ve noticed afterward which is something I should’ve researched prior. There is always a review whether it be a website, IG, or video review on a fashion brand.

Please let us know if you have had any experiences similar to mine and what you’ve learned as well as any tips to share.

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6 thoughts on “My Worst Online Shopping Experience – @ShopNeonB Review

  1. Hello
    I was looking for a review of shopneonb. Nice that I have found one. Unfortunately, it was exactly like me. I have ordered 3 artiel of december in 2014 and not get up TODAY. Have many mails written and finally received before 2 months time response, they check the delivery at the post office. But to this day I have not heard anything, even after countless emails after this response. Today I again wrote a mail and threatened with my lawyer. But do not know if that will do any good. The items I do not want anymore, I just want my spending $ 103.48 USD back again …. Sorry, my English is not very good, I am from Switzerland. Do you have a tip for me, how do I get my money back?


    1. I am sorry to hear that this happened to you as well. Their stuff is super cute and it really sucks that they don’t send you what you paid for. I complained to my bank and they filed a complaint. I received my items a month later and I don’t even want them anymore. *rolls eyes*

      I would advise you to complain to your bank so that they can investigate and refund you your money.


  2. It’s crazy how similar your experience was to mine. I ordered two bikinis, followed up for tracking number for almost a week (Also note how at the bottom of your confirmation email they state to wait a couple days for the tracking number to appear). When I got the tracking number it didn’t even work. I then emailed them again letting them know. Never got a response and when sending them a frustrated email they then made up some lie that the post office must made an error with my number ( complete bullshit!) and they will get back to me as soon as possible! That never happened. I sent them numerous rude emails since then and nothing. Never will be shopping with them again! Scams!! They need to be shut down


  3. Same thing happened to me. I ordered a bikini in August, never received it. Emailed them about this numerous times with no response. When I finally left a comment on a post on their Instagram account they blocked me. Sounds like I’ll be following up with my bank about this.


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