Black Business Friday – Navóir

Our final Black Business Friday feature goes to Navóir clothing line. Created by our very own Denequa Williams with partners Khiry Clarke and Asim Clarke. Navóir clothing is a new and innovative brand started in 2013 by three fashion lovers who are ready to make their mark in the world!



What does Navóir mean?

Navóir pronounced “nuh-vwah”. It’s actually a word that we made up and created a meaning for it. Navóir meansto have “no limit”. It’s more than a clothing line to us, it’s a lifestyle.

What inspired you to get into fashion?

D: I’ve always loved clothes. Everything about them. The look, the feel, the fabric. It’s probably more of a who inspired me to get into fashion. That would be my granny. She was a seamstress her entire life. I lived with her for a good portion of my life, and I remember her starting out with yards of fabric and transforming them into garments. Seeing my interest,  she actually bought me my first sewing machine.

K: To me, fashion is art. Everyone has their own style and their own way of doing things, and their style is their art, and that is what inspired me to do fashion.

A: Wanting to be different and creative & my love for clothes is what inspired me to get into fashion.

Did you always want to become a designer?

Yes, I feel like we are all designers in our own way.


What was the innovation behind your first design?

We actually came up with our first design by putting together all the things that we love and that we feel represents us. The lion is a majestic creature that symbolizes strength, leadership, growth, and progression. Lions are just dope. Elite is like the top tier of greatness. We merged the two ideas and loved what we came up with.

What was/is the most challenging part about starting your own business?

There are a few challenges that come with starting your own business. One of them is getting people to support you. We live in a day and age where there is a hype behind everything. If you don’t have a celebrity in your product, the crowd doesn’t flock even if there is a great message behind your work. Another challenge I would say is the money. I don’t think people understand the amount of money being spent to produce the product. It’s more than just printing on a tee shirt. It’s finding tee shirts that you like and purchasing them wholesale, then you need a graphic designer, you need ink, someone to transfer the graphic unto the tee shirts, packaging, business cards, etc. And also knowing who you are getting into business with. The progress makes the process worth it though.

What is the best advice someone has given you regarding starting your line/business?

K: Listen to yourself. Create what you love.

D: The best advice I’ve received is treat Navóir like your baby. Nourish it, feed it, give it everything it needs to flourish, and when it’s old enough, it can take care of you the same way you did it.

A: Only have one plan & that’s a Plan A, focus on that Plan A and you won’t need a Plan B.

What does Navóir represent?

Navóir represents no limitations. It represents freedom. The freedom of doing whatever it is that makes you happy without caring what anyone thinks.

Where do you see Navóir in the next 5-10 years?

In 5-10 years, I see Navóir being a household name. We’re still a young brand working out all the kinks to making this thing work. We have so much in store for the future that we are excited about.


Be sure to follow @navoirbykida via Instagram and if you have any questions feel free to email them at

Forever Stripped,

Hia Endeshia


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