5 Friends Every Girl Should Have

Having various types of friends is very important. As the saying goes, “you’re the average of the five people you spend most of your time with.” With that being said you should analyze the people you surround yourself with. It is great to have friends from all walks of life as long as they are adding and not subtracting from you as a person.

After reading The Every Girls post 7 Friends Every Woman Needs,  I was inspired to take a look at the 5 people I spend the most time with and share why having these types of friends is beneficial. Each person either motivates, stimulates, inspires, or humbles me. Below are 5 Friends Every Girl Should Have.

The Risk Taker

This is the friend that reminds you that any and everything is possible. She is full of life, confidence, and personality. She is always down for the get down. You go to her when you need some excitement in your life. She’s smart, bold and honest to the tee. She’s the friend that will ALWAYS tell you like it is. Doesn’t matter how it may make you feel, she is brutally honest. She has a big personality but an even bigger heart. She loves hard but please believe she fights harder. This is my cousin Tiff. My ride or die. My 0-100 chick!

This person is important to encourage you to simply live life … unapologetically. He/she is a reminder, to do you, and not give two shits about what others think. This friend allows you to be comfortable in your own skin.

The Care Giver

The one who is ALWAYS there for you. It doesn’t matter the situation, how big or small. This friend is dependable. She/he will always rise to the occasion and will never fail you. They are honest but not pushy, they are kind but they also have a back bone. This person gives without remembering and takes without forgetting. This is my best friend Mo. I honestly DO NOT know what I would do without her. She’s like my real life journal. She knows everything, the bad and the good, my insecurities, fears etc and she is definitely one of the most trust worthy people I know.

Everyone needs that one person to confide in. This person is healthy for you. You can have great friends or amazing family members but you know who to go to about what. This person you can call for literally anything. This relationship is healthy when both parties are honest but non judgmental. The Care Giver doesn’t sell you false hope but always reminds you that life is bigger than whatever you are going through.

The Well Rounded One

This is the person you look up to. You admire how together they are. The Well Rounded One, has morals, values, goals and a unique perspective on life. They are loving, family oriented, yet independent and stern. They know what they want and they work to get it. This friend makes you think and is able to enlighten you on various subjects. This is my best friend Lee. Lee is simple, in a good way. He makes everything seem easy.

The Well Rounded One keeps you centered. They are a constant reminder that there are still great and sane people in the world. This friend shows you that you can be confident but humble at the same time. This person makes you want to be an even better person.

The Go-Getter

The one that wakes up every morning with a to-do list. The one that always strives to do more. This friend is creative, motivated and relentless. He/she is driven and that energy alone is necessary. This is my fellow writer Denequa. She is the one that I can bounce ideas off of and know that I’m going to get positive criticism. We feed off of each others creative energy. It’s one of those friends that you find yourself always saying “OMG I was thinking the same thing.”

This friend has similar interests as you. That creative energy is important to keeping your mind fresh and stimulated. It’s the friend that finds cool articles and shares them with you every chance they get. It’s the friend that motivates you just by acknowledging the effort they put in.

The Social Butterfly

This friend is always in the mix. They know who’s who and what’s what, the hot spots and have nots. If you’re not a social person this person gets you out of your comfort zone. Always introducing you to the “new new.” This is my cousin Kidear. He’s always keeping me up to date on current events. He knows it all.

This friend is fun and outgoing and is essential for networking opportunities. This person knows how to have fun but keep it together at all times. A friend like this exposes you to different things and that is always a plus.


Above, are my 5 friends that help me grow, love, learn, and appreciate life. Which friend are you? Do you have any of the above?

Forever Stripped,

Hia Endeshia



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