Stripped For Love: How To Plan A Special Valentine’s Day At Home

If you have yet to plan a Valentine’s Day surprise for your misses or mister. Look no further. Keep it simple, sweet, cute and tasteful. If you share a space with your loved one or have your own place, stay home and make it special.


First and foremost, clean your house, change the sheets (nothing turns a lady on more than clean sheets.. or is that just me?) and light a candle in every room. This will create a sensual ambiance  (just make sure it is a scent you know he/she will like.)


Now to set the mood, buy some red flowers, you can be very minimal and put one rose in a sleek vase (this project is budget friendly, it really is the thought that counts… I promise) or go for the gusto and buy a dozen for the table then a few extras to spread from the doorway to the bedroom, a heart on the bed, or both!


Next, try to plan something interactive. Buy some strawberries, chocolate, nuts or other favored toppings. You guys can make chocolate strawberries together. It creates an experience, a new memory, and the perfect snack. Alternatives are making brownies and adding ice cream or making cheesecake and adding whip cream on the top.


Now with chocolate covered strawberries or any other sweet treat, there must be wine. Pick up a nice bottle of wine. Or if you know his or her favorite wine or champagne opt for that.


Now that you’ve got your roses, treat ingredients and your wine choice figured out, write a note. Keep it simple but cute. Express in the simplest form what you like or love about the person. Fellas, this will totally get her in the mood…may cupid rebuke me if I’m wrong. Women love to hear what their men love about them.

If you do these small gestures I’m certain it will be one of the most memorable Valentines Days ever! If you do everything right, roses should end here… I’m just saying!


Forever Stripped,

Hia Endeshia

P.S. For my future guy… keep this in mind for next year or the year we spend our first VDay together. *wink wink* Thank you in advance!


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