Kingston is one of my many joys. My Kingy-Poo, my Kingstasaurus Rex, as my bf loves to call him. He’s so amazing! And such a little gentleman, but can be very over protective of me at times. He is a Yorkie-Poo whose 1st birthday is today!!! Happy Birthday Kingston!!! If you’ve never had a dog, you just won’t understand the love one can express for our fur-babies. Whoever said dogs are man’s best friend must’ve never shared a home with a woman. LOL.image I never knew I would be a dog person, I never grew up with them in my home as a child. But, I’ve come to learn that dogs are such a pleasure to have around. You’ll never feel alone and quite frankly, we can learn so much from them as humans. So much so that I’ve made a list of things we can all learn from our favorite fur balls.

Realize every morning that you wake up is a blessing. Kingston wakes up every morning happy. You’d never know if he had a bad night by the way he  starts his day. I think that’s an important lesson to learn because too often, and I am guilty of it at times too, I go to sleep angry, and you know what, when I wake up I’m in an ever fouler mood, with yesterday’s thoughts still heavily on my mind.

Make sure the ones you care about know that you appreciate them. Just as much as Kingston is my dog, I am his human. And he lets me know how much he loves me every chance he gets. Once I get home, his little tail gets to wagging and now he has become my shadow for the remainder of time that I’m in the house. This is important in our every day life, sometimes we get so caught up in what we have going on, or sometimes it may even be pride that gets in the way of us letting people know how we feel.

Forgiveness. When I first got Kingston, it was a task. Oh my God! I was over it.  I just wanted him to be completely trained over night. Because he hadn’t received all of his shots, he couldn’t go outside right away, so we trained him on the wee wee pads. And for whatever reason he would use the bathroom everywhere but the damn pad! So I’m not gonna lie, i yelled at him one day.. I know, I know, he’s a puppy. After I yelled at him, I noticed he was scared, a little shaken up even. I called him over to me, I embraced him, and that tail untucked, began wagging again as if I hadn’t just scolded him. This is a super important lesson. I’m not saying to get over things quickly, shit, some things are harder to get over than others, but practice the act of forgiveness. It’s never for them, it’s always for you.

Patience. Anyone with a pet knows, patience is key.  Kingston taught me this. Watching him mature over the months, you see that he is willing to learn anything you have time to teach. But it’s not an overnight process. It takes time, practice, and patience. He’s taught me to be patient with him, because he’s eager to please me. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and things don’t happen in the flick of a wrist. We have to let life take it’s course and allow things to unveil at the right moment.

All of you with pup sons and pup daughters are probably nodding in complete agreeance. What are some things your pup has taught you? I’d love to know..




Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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