What kind of girl are you?

The best thing about fashion is that there are endless possibilities. No two designers are the same, no two stylists have the same point of view, and no two customers are identical. I truly believe in style over fashion. Your point of view and personal expression makes you who you are. But even with our differences we can still find similarities. So which girl are you?


tumblr_ng5941ydQs1twjqsxo1_500tumblr_nhnnd5AjG61u3tfndo1_1280Cara Delevingne seen leaving her London home

Rumble young girl rumble! If you love your kicks with a little wear and tear versus fresh out the box, are obsessed with graphic tees, and believe in comfort over everything(oversize or die), than you are most definitely a Tomboy.


1412042006577_wps_44_PARIS_FRANCE_SEPTEMBER_29gwen stefani 260912kelly

Where boy meets girl! You are the best of both worlds. You are the perfect fashion medium between masculine and feminine, and with a splash of edge … Walla you’re a rock star!



Fashionistas are the girls who see the possibility in any and everything. Nothing is off limits. The girl who likes to put a spin on trendy pieces, loves thrifting as much as Sax Fifth, and can combine inexpensive and expensive items for a stellar fashion moment is most certainly a fashionista! You crave a challenge and an adventure simply in the name of fashion!



I like to call it cultured comfort. Boho Chic is embracing culturally inspired articles of clothing to create an effortless ensemble. Even though layers bring the look full circle, each piece doesn’t feel calculated. There’s no method to the madness!


black-women-hollywood-red-carpet-3_347x520_24solange-knowles-girls-premiere-2013-just-cavalli-printed-suit-h724Tracee Ellis Ross attends the premiere of 'The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part 1' in LA

Sleek and chic plus business attire on fleek! Yes? Then you are definitely a sophisticated mama. You’re the epitome of class. You can sip tea with the dutchess, have a business meeting with clients, and catch a drink out on the town all with one fit!



If it glitters its gold! Sparkles excite you, sequins are your best friend, and it ain’t in if there’s no bling! If you can relate then you are without a doubt a glamour whore. Shine Bright Like A Diamond is not just a song a song title its your motto!



Sexy Bombshell’s are super sassy women who loves pieces that accentuates their bodies. Your motto is “fitted or quit it.” You are daring! You love prints, all black ensembles, and body conscious pieces. Your confidence is expressed through your attire. It ain’t tricking if you go it … right?


So which girl are you? Are you the laid back, kick it with the boys tomboy, the leather loving edgy rocker girl with a strong point of view, the creative trendsetting fashionista? Or are you the easy breezy boho chic lady, the sophisticated mama who’s always about her business, the over the top glitzy glamour whore, or last but not least, the super confident sexy bombshell who loves to be a little riskaayyy?

Let us know, who you are, if you’re one or more combined or who you aspire to be in the future!


Forever Stripped,

Hia Endeshia



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