Why We Need Jermaine Cole More Than Ever Right Now

Cole World… By now, you had to have heard Jermaine Cole’s album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive. If not in it’s entirety, then you had to hear snippets either coming through someone’s headphones or from the radio. From the day of it’s release it’s been on non-stop rotation in my car. So much so, that my favorite song off of the album changes every other day. Lol. I think that even if Jermaine is not your cup of tea, with this album he causes you to reconsider, raise your eyebrows even, take a seat and say DAMNNNN!!! This album screams growth and fearlessness. It is raw and very real, maybe even too real for most. But we’ve been living in a fantasy world for some time now and this dose of reality is needed. It’s right on time. We need Jermaine Cole more than ever right now. Someone who has a platform, and understands the power of his platform, and using it for the greater of human kind. Music is a powerful tool, and he gets it. He understands the influence he can have just by spitting some bars on a track. Men like him come a dime a dozen, not that there aren’t many out there with similar mind frames, but are they as vocal about how they feel as he is? Nah.

In 2014 Forest Hills Drive, so many gems are dropped, so much that i grabbed a notepad and jotted down some of them. The beauty about any art form, especially music is that it can speak to you directly, you can relate to the words on a different level, you pick up on the emotion the artist was feeling when they were recording. It’s magical.

For example on one of the songs on his album, “Note to Self”, the hook and first verse is about LOVE.. something that sometimes is too controversial a topic to speak about. Or on “No Role Modelz” where he stresses the emphasis on having more people to look up to in a positive way who teaches us the value of a lost art called morale.

He realizes the importance of putting value and appreciation into things that matter…. love, your family, life. He speaks about race, classism, and so much more. Go cop that album if you haven’t already. He deserves it, and you NEED it!

Congratulations Jermaine on an amazing body of work filled with all of you, messages that will last a lifetime. Keep giving the world as much as you truly can and as much as you truly feel, and it’ll live forever. Continue speaking, and offering to the world. Thank you for not being selfish! Trust me, we’re listening, we hear you! What a great accomplishment before 30!


Forever Stripped,

D. Wil xoxo


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